GENEE Skills

Our GENEE skills can equip organisations with the knowledge and tools to integrate sustainability across their operations to support compliance, lower resource use, reduce costs and green tendering processes.  Capability North East works with clients to develop and implement policies, strategies and plans for a range of areas, including sustainability, biodiversity, net gain, green and blue infrastructure, health and nature, single use plastics and climate resilience.


 Through our associates we can guide the implementation of Environmental Management Systems (Investors in the Environment, ISO Audit Scheme), help with preparations for the audit process and deliver training programmes.


 iiE accreditation is from £350 and our GENEE packages start at £2,500




Greening the Economy of North East England (GENEE) packages


By signing up to one of our GENEE packages we will also support you to become ready for the Investors in the Environment (iiE) accreditation process (or similar), join a local Forest Carbon scheme and make a contribution to the Capability Environment Fund.  Together we can develop a core package of activities that will benefit your organisation including:


  • Governance: policies and stakeholder strategies
  • Capacity building: staff skills, training and workshops
  • Knowledge & Analysis: audits, surveys, baselines and action plans, CO2 emissions
  • Communications: strategy development, campaigns and PR

Each year we hold a GENEE awards event to celebrate the GENEE and Investors in the Environment successes of our members.

Pricing and further information about our GENEE packages can be found via this link.

GENEE projects


Got a great idea for a sustainability or environmental project? Need guidance on where to start, getting engagement, project scoping and development or to evaluate and measure success? Then get in touch with our GENEE team.


A project topic may be business critical (compliance), identified as a high use area with potential for reductions and savings, focusing on community engagement, staff training or a project to understand the business impact on biodiversity. Or it might be policy development and implementation for waste, flooding, Single Use Plastics or resource reduction.  The important factor is that it is of business importance and will catalyse change and continuous improvement.

GENEE Consultancy 


Looking for more traditional environmental consultancy then our GENEEs can help there too.  Our work for clients is diverse and as interesting as nature itself .  Get in touch to discuss how we can support your business and Green the Economy of North East England at the same time.


  • Biodiversity Management Plans
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Bid writing
  • Research
  • Compiling and analysing data through mapping (ArcGIS)
  • Workshops
  • Natural capital




Contact us to explore how we can work with you to save money and Green the Economy of North East England.