Why should we get involved?


Achieve Corporate & Social Responsibility Ambitions


Environmental sustainability encourages us to consider the overall impacts of what we are doing and to try and minimise negative impacts wherever possible whilst still excelling at day-to-day business. All of which help to increase profits, reduce emissions, achieve a thriving environment and leave a positive legacy for future generations.




Save money and improve processes

Demonstrate your green credentials in tendering and to everyone else

Staff engagement

Your efforts to green your business will be celebrated and shared

Be part of a local ‘Carbon Take Back’ scheme and contribute to the growth and maintenance of local woodlands

Network and training events

and much more….



Getting involved


There are 2 ways to get involved to help make North East England the best place to be.

Become a GENEE

Become Investors in the Environment  accredited




Contact us to explore how we can work with you to Green the Economy of North East England.