Our ambitions

We are working to Green the Economy of North East England (GENEEso the region can demonstrate leadership in sustainability and embrace the circular economy and the economic opportunities it presents.


We aspire for all businesses to become GENEE’s and recognise the significant opportunity to reduce resource use, save money and enhance reputation, whilst minimising the environmental impact of their business activities.




How will we do this?


Our environmental business services and GENEE packages help industrial, NGO and public sector clients balance profitability with resiliency. Engaging staff to deliver sustainability ambitions, reducing resource use and understanding profit risks associated with natural resources and climate change through our Investors in the Environment accreditation scheme.  As well as opportunities for ‘Carbon Take Back’ to mitigate and support adaptation to climate change through local woodland and peatland creation, while protecting and enhancing our natural environment.




Working with you


GENEE Skills The Capability North East team can support organisations to develop their sustainability ambitions and just as importantly deliver on them. We do this in variety of ways: GENEE packages, Environment Design Reviews, Natural Capital and Biodiversity plans and focus projects for staff engagement or Single Use Plastics or waste and resource reviews and policy development.

GENEE 300 – Is a unique group that provides a platform for organisations with an interest in and ability to demonstrate progress with sustainability and environmental issues. Supporting leaders of local organisations to communicate their stories and hopes for economic and political engagement for the GENEE agenda.



Contact us to explore how we can work with you to Green the Economy of North East England.






NB: All surplus above operating costs from Capability North East will contribute to the Capability Environment Fund.